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Poo-Pourri: Mask The Smell Of Your Poop The Moment It Hits The Bowl!

Yes, there is an actual product for this.

When we first saw this hilarious video on YouTube, we were convinced it was a spoof. A spray that masks the smell of poop the moment it hits the toilet bowl? No way.

We’re all aware of the traditional ways of masking the unfortunate smell: a matchstick, or air freshener. Effective, but you still have to endure those few seconds or minutes of stench. It’s okay, we take comfort in knowing that everyone goes through it—even Beyonce.

But then Poo-Pourri’s new innovation promises to tackle the problem the moment your poop drops by creating a thin filter that locks the smell inside the bowl. The product is specifically targeted for ladies because "girls don’t poop," or at least that what guys would like to think. So lo and behold: Poo-Pourri. Watch the video below to see how it works!

P.S. Poo-Pourri in Original Lemongrass is available at Beauty Bar for P362.50.

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watch now