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12 Dramas Where You've Seen *Everyone's Eomma* Kim Mi Kyung Before

All together now: 'Eommaaaaaaa!'

There are certain K-drama actors that you see in almost every show you watch, and we're sure that one of them is 56-year-old actress Kim Mi Kyung, who has played supporting "mom" and "ahjumma" roles is more than 30 shows and movies!

Mi Kyung started her acting career in theater and later shifted to the big and small screen. Here, let's take a look at some of her most famous roles: 

1. It's Okay To Not Be Okay (2020)

Kim Mi Kyung plays Gang Tae's (Kim Soo Hyun) landlady and Ju Ri's (Park Gyu Young) mother! She also works in the kitchen of Okay Psychiatric Hospital and is the kindest, most patient ahjumma to Gang Tae's brother Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se), who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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2. Was It Love? (2020) 

She plays the mom of Song Ji Hyo's character Ae Jung! In the show, Ae Jung is a single mom with a 14-year-old daughter named Ha Nee, and Ha Nee is determined to look for her biological father. 

3. Hi Bye, Mama (2020)

She plays Yu-ri's (Kim Tae Hee) loving mom who has always tried to put on a brave front ever since Yu-ri died. She tries to hide it, but she's the one who misses her daughter and granddaughter the most. 

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4. V.I.P. (2019) 

A career woman named Jeong-seon (Jang Na Ra) receives a text message saying her husband is cheating on her with a colleague and she sets out to find the truth. Mi Kyung plays Jeong-seon's mother.

5. Her Private Life (2019)

Mi Kyung is Deok Mi's mother who doesn't approve of her daughter's fangirling! 

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6. Go Back Couple (2017)

The drama tells the story of a struggling and exhausted couple whose relationship is falling apart and Mi Kyung plays the mom of female lead Jin-joo (Jang Na Ra). 

7. 20th Century Boy And Girl (2017)

Her role is the mom of popular K-pop idol and actress Jin-jin (Han Ye Seul). They are part of a realistic and relatable family whose members are always bickering

8. Person Who Gives Happiness (2016) 

For this show, Mi Kyung won the "Female High Excellence Award For A Serial Drama" at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards

9. Another Miss Oh (2016)

She played Hae-young's (Seo Hyun Jin) mother who feels pressured when her daughter's wedding gets called off. 

10. Healer (2014) 

She's not a mom but a hacker named Min Ja who works with Ji Chang Wook's character. Soompi writes that ahjumma Min Ja has her knitting and kimbap to "soothe her spirits" because the Healer always *bugs* her. 

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11. The Heirs (2014)

Mi Kyung plays Eun-sang's (Park Shin Hye) mute mother who also works as the housekeeper for Kim Tan's (Lee Min Ho) rich family. 

12. The Master's Sun (2013) 

For this drama, she is the *interfering* aunt of male lead Joong-won (So Ji Sub). She won a special award for her role at the 2013 SBS Drama Awards


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