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5 Must-Watch Movies By Prime Cruz, The Director Of 'Isa Pa, With Feelings'

We prepped a list for your next binge-watching session!
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Rising director Prime Cruz has been working in the indie film industry for years, and he recently transitioned to mainstream movies! His latest project, Isa Pa, With Feelings (2019), has people bawling their eyes out in cinemas.

Here, we prepped a list of his past films for your next binge-watching session: 


1. Sleepless (2015) 

Call center agents Gem (Glaiza De Castro) and Barry (Dominic Rocco) are both insomniacs. While the rest of the world sleeps, they talk about "love, zombies, and everything else in between!" Even though the city is lonely, they find comfort and companionship in one other. 

2. Ang Manananngal Sa Unit 23B (2016) 

Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind fantasy love story? This film centers on Jewel (Ryza Cenon), a lonely and beautiful manananggal who EATS people. When she encounters her new neighbor, heartbroken Nico (Martin Del Rosario), Jewel enjoys his company but strives to keep her distance from him, since she's not exactly ~normal~.

Where you can watch it: HOOQ

3. Can We Still Be Friends? (2017) 

Ex-lovers Sam (Arci Muñoz) and Digs (Gerald Anderson) were together for eight long years! They broke up NICELY and are on good terms, but both can't help checking up on each other. Eventually, they compete to see who can find a new boyfriend/girlfriend first!

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Where you can watch it: iWant

4. The Debutantes (2017) 

This horror mystery film tells the story of female high school students who are about to turn 18 soon. Weird girl Kate (Sue Ramirez) starts having mysterious dreams about the girls dying! She tries to warn them, but they refuse to listen to her. 

Where you can watch it: iWant

5. Isa Pa, With Feelings (2019) 

Mara (Maine Mendoza), an aspiring architect, is at a low point in her life when she encounters her neighbor Gali (Carlo Aquino), a deaf man who ends up becoming her sign language teacher. Despite their differences, Mara and Gali end up spending a lot of time together and eventually fall for each other.

Where you can watch it: In theaters nationwide! 

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