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Primetime Female Stars Share Their Own Travel Tips


With a long weekend coming up soon, we're sure you're itching to get away for a few days. Whether you've firmed up those travel plans or not--be it a short family vacay to your province or a flight to a nearby country for some sight-seeing with your guy or retail therapy with your girls--be sure to pack essentials and prepare everything in advance to ensure a fun-filled and hitch-free trip.

To help you gals get vacation-ready, we got some of the hottest actresses today to share their travel tips. We asked Ruffa Gutierrez, Valerie Concepcion, Sheryl Cruz, Carla Humphries, and Ritz Azul for practical tips that you, fab jetsetters like them, could use.

Fashion Tips For The Road:

Plan your outfits carefully. Ruffa prepares her suitcase with a trusted stylist who helps coordinate her outfits for each day, with accessories that she can mix and match. She says, "Make sure you know [the weather] where you're going, if it's hot, if it's cold, [and] pack light, whatever happens." For airport convenience (and shopping comfort!), Ruffa advises wearing simple shoes that are easy to remove at security checks.

Invest in an organizing kit, suggests Carla, for storing delicate clothing like underwear and easily-deformed bras. It will also save space in your bag and keep the dirty and clean clothes segregated.

Travel Beauty Essentials:

Do not forget to stock your basic beauty kit, advises all these stars. Besides the necessary sunblock, Ruffa suggests stocking up on moisturizers like an Evian face spritzer, lots of lotion, and Kiehl's or Carmex lip balm. She also packs Melatonin pills to help her catch up on beauty sleep. Valerie lists cheek tint as an essential, along with eye-enhancing tools like mascara and an eyelash curler, while Sheryl says ChapStick and Cetaphil are her most important products.

Bring different shades of lipsticks for various occasions and a brown-to-bronze palette, says Carla, who is more of a beauty girl scout. "Don't forget blush and mascara," she says.

Apply ice to tired skin after a long-haul flight or super long road trip, to revive your skin and close the pores, says Ritz.

Safety On-The-Go:

Bring things to keep you entertained and your emergency kit. If you're the type of gal who gets skittish in an airplane or restless on the road, Sheryl suggests keeping yourself entertained by bringing a pocketbook to read, a magazine to browse, and a radio to keep up with current events. Keep calm in the event of a calamity and prepare an emergency kit with all the necessary gear, such as a flashlight, extra cellphone batteries, and a credit card.

Bring a cross-body bag for your essentials when sight-seeing, as this will keep your belongings close, says Carla. She also advises stuffing this bag with a hand sanitizer for hygienic purposes, along with other essentials. "You never know where the trip's gonna bring you," she says. "You have to be spontaneous and you have to be prepared so [you should pack] wet wipes, your passport, a photocopy of your passport, and extra money."

Make sure you're in good company. Know the vital contact numbers to call, and stick with people you trust, says Sheryl and Ruffa. Ritz tells us that she goes on trips with her parents or relatives, which is a smart idea for first-time travelers.

Open the gallery to see photos of these gorgeous gals, plus more tips! Watch their video here, too!

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