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The Cutest Primo Arellano Posts Of 2018 (So Far)

This adorable toddler never stops smiling!
PHOTO: Instagram/drewarellano

We've all seen pictures of Primo Arellano on his parents' social media accounts and we've all fallen in love with him as a result. Primo was born to mom Iya Villania and dad Drew Arellano in 2016 (the couple are also expecting their second child very soon). Here's Primo as a newborn:  

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He'll be celebrating his second birthday on August 30 and we've compiled this year's cutest Primo posts so you can gush to your heart's content! You're very welcome. 

Who knew brushing teeth could be this adorable? 

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Primo's absolutely ready to be a big brother and we're excited for him! 

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Here he is looking like the cutest dashing little gentleman during their trip to New Zealand: 

The rain won't stop Primo from going out. He's got those striped boots as armor. 

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What. He's a bookworm already?! His dad calls this "skinny-reading."

The outdoors are ready for Primo and he's ready for an adventure. This photo is so gush-worthy, I can't!

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Confused Primo is all of us when someone says something we don't agree with. 

DON'T CRY, DON'T CRY! You're making our hearts break.

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Why thank you, Primo. Yes, we would love some toast. 

He makes bath time look so fun. Never stop smiling, dear Primo! 

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