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You Will Literally Never Guess Prince George's Nickname

Wait, what?

Prince George is one of the cheekiest royal children out there—remember when he and his cousin broke out into giggles at Princess Eugenie's wedding? Or when he started goofing off and marching in place at a family friend's event?

Well he's obviously still at it, because when introducing himself recently, the name he used was most certainly *not* George. The Daily Mail reports that while George and his sister Princess Charlotte were spending time with their grandmother Carole Middleton the other day, George struck up a conversation with a stranger.

The five-year-old adorably went over to pet the woman's dog (as any sane person would do), and when she asked his name, he reportedly said, "I'm called Archie," and had a big smile on his face.

It's not clear if Archie is George's nickname for himself, a nickname that others call him, or if he was just being silly thought he could trick a stranger, but regardless, it's pretty cute. All hail Prince Archie!

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