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Princess Punzalan Opens Up About Having An Abortion At 15 Years Old

Princess Punzalan reveals that she had an abortion
PHOTO: Instagram/realprincesspunzalan

With the US Supreme Court having just overturned abortion rights law, women all over the world are adding to the conversation by sharing their personal experiences.

Case in point: veteran actress Princess Punzalan, who recently spoke up about having an abortion in her teenage years. “When I was 15, I got pregnant. I had an abortion because I was afraid of my mom and because the guy would not stand up for the baby,“ she revealed to her Instagram followers through a video.

She also narrated her journey in the next years after her experience. “And then at 19, I found a guy who would marry me. For four and a half years, we tried, but I didn’t get pregnant. That marriage dissolved.”


She didn’t mention any names, but it’s common knowledge to many that she married TV host Willie Revillame, albeit they separated after a few years. To this day, they remain friends, with the actress expressing how happy she is for her ex-husband’s success.

Princess settled in California in 2005 with her husband Jay Field, with whom she shares a daughter. "We tried for ten years to get pregnant. I didn’t get pregnant. We tried different kinds of ways to get pregnant, but I didn’t. So we adopted. It was a long hard climb to finally find our match.”

“I’m so grateful that the birth mom didn’t decide to kill her 'cause right now I’m so happy with my daughter and I’m very grateful that she is in my life.”

Princess now works as a hospital nurse in the States, happily living life with her husband and their eight-year-old daughter.

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