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Private Schools Oppose DOH's Plan To Distribute Condoms In Schools

They think that it might just 'make schoolchildren curious about sex.'

Eleazardo Kasilag, president of the Federation of Associations of Private Schools and Administrators (FAPSA), is alarmed over the plan of the Department of Health (DOH) to distribute condoms in schools as part of the government’s efforts to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS among the youth.

DOH chief Dr. Paulyn Ubial announced that they plan to distribute condoms in schools as part of their strategy to deal with the rise in the number of HIV/AIDS among the youth.

Ubial explained that recent studies showed that Filipinos are increasingly engaging in sex at a very young age.

She pointed out that from July to October alone, 355 cases HIV/AIDS cases were recorded. Of the number, 122 are adolescents aged 10 to 19 years old. It was noted that 120 of the infected adolescents acquired HIV through sexual contact.

The DOH also emphasized that students would be given counseling. They agency likewise urged parents to "teach safe sex at home."

However, just like the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), FAPSA is opposing the planned distribution of condoms.

Kasilag told The Philippine Star that the move "implied that most of the new HIV/AIDS cases came from schools" and that it might just "make schoolchildren curious about sex."

Kasilag remarked, "What do you take the school for, a motel? The government cannot give books so they will just give condoms? This is no longer about health but moral values."

For her part, Ubial said the DOH was "not encouraging the youth to use condom but are only distributing it for their protection."

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