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The 'Queer Eye' Salary Has Made The Fab Five Super Rich

They get $1 for every tear you shed.
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Not to start things with a dramatic run-on sentence, but considering the cast of Queer Eye is literally doing the lord's work by creating a more tolerant America while the country is at its most divided, they should be paid just as much as the rest of the Hollywood bigwigs on television. Like, did Game of Thrones make you cry for three hours while sitting on your couch and contemplating how beautiful humanity can be? NOPE* but Queer Eye sure did.

On that note, let's find out how much Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Jonathan Van Ness are making. And obviously the answer is "not enough," but let's get specific.

*If Game of Thrones made you cry for three hours while contemplating how beautiful humanity can be, great news: I was lying before, 'cause I'm right there with you.

First Of All, They Each Get Paid The Exact Same Amount

JVN confirmed as much, saying that equal pay was super important to the Fab Five. "When the boys and I were cast, we banded together and made sure we got paid the same thing. I'm really into that part of our story," he told Wealthsimple. "We're homies. We'd all feel so resentful if one of us was getting more or less than the others. It would create a very, like, not cool work environment."


But They Were Paid *Relatively* Little For Seasons 1 And 2

When Queer Eye first started, Antoni, Tan, Karamo, Bobby, and Jonathan weren't the household names they are today. Meaning, they didn't have much to negotiate with when it came to their Netflix contracts. And according to Variety, they were majorly low-balled.

The Fab Five made just $7,500 (P382,000) per episode for the first two eight-episode seasons of their show (so, $120,000 or P6.1 million each for both seasons). This is obviously a huge amount of money—but compared to some of the $500k/episode (P25.5 million) salaries in the TV industry? Pretty junior league.

Everything Changed In Season 3

You better believe Netflix played ball going into Season 3 (which aired in March 2019). Queer Eye was a major hit at this point, and Karamo says it was easy for the cast to get a pay bump (but sorry to disappoint, we don't know the exact $).

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"When you're coming into any brand new show—especially when it's a reboot of a reality show—of course, they're always going to be unsure of how it's going to perform," he told Insider. "But they have been so fair about making sure that we have been happy and supported going into Season 3—and hopefully we have a lot more [seasons]. So I will say that we all feel like the process has been exactly what it should've been."

Plus, They Have Other Business Ventures

Aside from getting that sweet, sweet Netflix coin, the Fab Five have plenty of other ways to make money with their Queer Eye platform. Almost all of them have endorsement deals and books. Antoni has a restaurant where he presumably just sits around making guacamole. JVN has a podcast (and the hilarious Emmy-nominated show Gay of Thrones), and Bobby is busy with a full-fledged design firm.


So, What Are Their Net Worths?

According to Celebrity Net Worth....

  • Antoni: $2 million (P101.9 million)
  • Karamo: $3 million (P152.4 million)
  • Tan: $3 million (P152.4 million)
  • Bobby: $2 million (P101.9 million)
  • Jonathan: $2 million (P101.9 million)

    Damn, the financial glow-up is real. Reminder: Queer Eye season 4 dropped on July 19, so, if you haven't yet, stock up on tissues now.


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