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5 Important Questions I Had After Watching 'Isa Pa, With Feelings'

DO NOT read this if you haven't seen the film yet!
PHOTO: Isa Pa With Feelings/Black Sheep

Isa Pa With Feelings has easily become one of my favorite romance films this year! I seriously fell in love with Mara (Maine Mendoza), an architecture graduate, and Gali (Carlo Aquino), a deaf man who becomes her sign language teacher and who also happens to be her neighbor.

Because I was so into the plot while watching the movie, I couldn't help but wonder about the other characters and the leads' futures! Here are five burning questions I need the film to answer, like, right now:  

1. Where is Gali's family? 

We got to meet Mara's whole family in the film. We also saw Gali interact with his deaf friends at a party. But what about his parents and/or siblings? Hearing loss can be inherited, apparently, so is one of his parents part of the deaf community, too? 

2. Will Gali get that scholarship? 

And IF he gets the scholarship to Gallaudet University, which has been his ultimate dream for years, what will that mean for his relationship with Mara? A long-distance relationship CAN work, but it'll be hard for them. 


3. Is Mara still going to pursue architecture? 

She graduated Cum Laude from the University of Sto. Tomas, after all. Her dad clearly wants her to retake the board exams, but Mara already told her boss that she's not sure if being an architect is really the ~path~ for her. She even threw away some of her architect tools! 

4. When will Mara introduce Gali to her niece? 

The main reason Mara learned sign language was to be able to communicate with her niece. It would be amazing if Gali got to meet her! I can just imagine the three of them going to the Manila Ocean Park and talking about all the fish in sign language. Sobrang cute siguro.

5. Is there going to be a sequel? 

Because I would totally watch that! Maybe the film can answer all my previous questions with it, LOL. 

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