11 Questions We Need The Final Episodes 'Itaewon Class' To Answer

Saeroyi and Yiseo: Will they or won’t they?!
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Warning: This contains spoilers from episodes 1-14 of Itaewon Class. If you haven’t watched these, you might want to exit now!

Yet another K-drama we’re obsessed with is coming to an end. Itaewon Class wraps up this weekend, and in true K-drama fashion, last week’s episode was a total cliffhanger—kainis, lol. Anyway, we’ve listed down 11 burning questions we need the last two episodes to hopefully answer because we all need closure:

  1. Park Saeroyi is alive, right? Like he can’t exit the show just like *that*, right? Please tell us.
  2. Are Yiseo and Saeroyi going to end up together? Are we going to see a dramatic aminan scene?
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  3. Will Geunsoo redeem himself? Or is he just destined be just like his father, Chariman Jang Daehee? Ayos buhay rin tayo, Geunsoo! (Also, ang pogi niya.)
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  4. Will Inspector Oh turn himself in? Also, does he have a future with Kang Minjung? His daughter *obviously* approves of them!
  5. What’s the real deal about Tony’s grandma, Mrs. Kim? We need a backstory!
  6. Sooah, have you finally decided on what you *really* want to be? Please stop playing with Saeroyi’s feelings, LOL.
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  7. What kind of deal did Geunwon have with the gang? How can the gang leader betray Saeroyi like that? (Also thank you to the team behind his hair color change.)
  8. What’s going to happen to IC? How about Hyunyi and Seungkwon? Help!
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  9. Will Chairman Jang outlive Saeroyi? Will he?!
  10. Granted that Saeroyi is alive and well, will he finally be able to achieve his life’s mission of beating Jangga Co.?
  11. What's Park Bo Gum's role going to be?! Is he a secret heir of Jangga? Is he a new investor who will takeover IC? WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM! 
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