QUIZ: Find Out Who Your Superhero Boyfriend Is Based On Your Personality!

Are you meant to be with Batman, Superman, Wolverine, or Thor?

(SUPERMAN) Warner Bros. (THOR) Disney

Superheroes are a massive part of pop culture, now more than ever before. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiered last month while Captain America: Civil War killed it (and is still killing it) at the box-office. And guess what? X-Men: Apocalypse is set to hit cinemas later this month, too! Have you ever wondered, though, what it would be like to have a superhero as a boyfriend? No more being late for work—he can just fly you to the office. Difficult house chores can be easy-peasy because of his mutant powers. What about super sex? Now, that’s something to consider.

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Take the quiz below to find out who would be your superhero boyfie based on your personality!

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