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Rabiya Mateo Thinks There's Nothing Wrong About Beauty Queens Getting Plastic Surgery

PHOTO: Instagram/rabiyamateo

Rabiya Mateo thinks it's about time Filipinos let go of their conservative views and start being open to the benefits of cosmetic surgery.

According to, the 2020 Miss Universe Philippines was asked to comment on the stigma surrounding beauty queens going under the knife. 

"The issue about beauty queens having plastic surgery is because there's still a conservative mind among the public," Rabiya replied. "Kasi to be honest, in other countries, it's nothing, e."

Rabiya also added that these women should be allowed to freely decide for themselves. With the new year approaching, she believes people should start letting other people choose to pursue what ultimately makes them happy.

"First, it's their money," Rabiya pointed out. "It's their own choice. And for me kasi, equality is giving everyone, you know, equal decision to decide for themselves."

"Magte-2022 na nga so sooner or later, we will wake up in a world na we can let people decide for their own happiness."


In 2020, netizens accused Rabiya of reportedly getting plastic surgery after her high school yearbook photos went viral. In an interview with GMA News Online, her mom, Christine Mateo, denied the allegations, saying that just like Rabiya, she went through "an ugly duckling" phase in her youth.

"What’s the big deal?" Christine said. "Ang alam ko ’pag may problema sa pimples, punta kay Doc; 'pag sa mata, lagyan ng eye makeup; 'pag sa ilong, contour or kay Doc. You call that enhancement. Alam naman nila iyan.

Rabiya also defended herself when bashers insisted that she had retoke done.

"This is me 11 years ago," Rabiya wrote in an IG Story. "I still didn't have my braces. I don't how to put [on] makeup. I'm not aware of what angle flatters me most but that is still me."

"If there would be one thing that I want other people to know about me, is that I'm beautiful then and now. The only thing different is now, I know better."

"PS: Stop calling anyone ugly. If that's how you see things, maybe then, it's your soul that needs surgery."

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