Random Objects That Reminded Us Of The Miss Universe Pageant National Costumes

"Is that a robot? That is totally a robot."

Sooo, Miss Universe-Philippines bet MJ Lastimosa didn't make it to the Top 5 during the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant, and we are SUPER bummed.

But truthfully, it's hard to be *~upset~* when the costume round was totally (TOTALLY!) entertaining. Here, our favorite looks from the pageant—and the random objects that reminded us of them.

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OHMYGOD! Miss Australia dressed up like the Today show logo!

Miss Honduras was a flying squirrel, you guys.

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Miss El Salvador gave us some major #throwback realness by dressing up like a temple guard from Legends of The Hidden Temple! The '90s are back, y'all.

Miss Czech Republic reminded us of a giant...taco. Also, a horse saddle.

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Miss Ireland was totally a robot from a Gundam toy store.

Somebody call Zerg Queen Kerrigan from Starcraft, because we found her twin sister Miss Indonesia (who won Best National Costume, btw).

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Miss Philippines MJ Lastimosa's national costume kind of reminded us of a party hat, but we love her anyway! She's still our winner! <3

Miss Jamaica and this feather duster? #twinsies.

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But today's special shoutout goes to Miss Canada's national costume. There are no words!


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