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7 Reasons You Should Watch The K-Drama ‘18 Again’

Reasons to watch the K-drama 18 Again
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) 18 Again/JTBC, Instagram/jtbcdrama

What would you do if you were given a chance to re-do some things in your life? To go back in time and change things? Would you do it? This is exactly what the drama 18 Again is all about.


A remake of the 2009 Zac Efron film 17 Again, the series emphasizes how people evolve as much as how life changes. It narrates the story of Jung Da Jung (Kim Ha Neul) and Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun/Lee Do Hyun), a married couple who is on the brink of getting a divorce. With the snap of a finger, Dae Young goes back in time and transforms into a teenager who goes by the name of Go Woo Young.

If you love the Hollywood movie, you will certainly love the K-drama—it’s chock-full of life lessons, and the characters will grow on you. You won't stop yourself from tearing up from time to time, but the drama will also make you laugh so hard.


Here are more reasons why 18 Again is binge-watch worthy:

1. It depicts the struggles that come with teenage pregnancy.

The moment you realize that you’re going to start your own family at a young age is not all rainbows and sunshine. There’s the adjustment, the financial burden, and the worry about how you will raise your child, when you yourself are so young, too. At the same time, your own dreams will have to take a back seat. 18 Again gives us a glimpse of this reality and more through Da Jung and Dae Young’s love story.

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2. Lee Do Hyun as a young father is a must-see.

If you’ve known him as the ~firefly~ in the fantasy drama Hotel Del Luna, get ready to see a different side of actor Lee Do Hyun in his portrayal as a young dad in 18 Again. Acting as a 37-year-old man in an 18-year-old boy’s body is no easy task, but Do Hyun managed to pull it off well. His detailed expressions in this series are on point and show how he totally deserves an award.

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3. You will feel the efforts of Hong Dae Young to keep his family intact

No drama has ever made us feel the persistence of a father in making sure that his family is given the best that they deserve. Dae Young puts a pause on his career as a promising basketball player and works odd jobs in order to make ends meet. At work, he is degraded because of his educational background as a high school graduate and wasn’t promoted even if he is one of the most hardworking employees in the company.

4. Jung Da Jung is the passionate professional that we want to become.

Not only is she good at doing what she loves, but Da Jung also didn’t stop pursuing her goal of becoming a broadcaster despite what happened to her. She has always wanted to become a part of the broadcasting industry and is determined to make it happen. When she joined a blind audition for a broadcasting company, Da Jung put her chin up and showed that she’s the perfect fit for the job—she did this despite the ongoing rift in her family and the constant backlash on her age and status.


5. 18 Again paints a very real picture of our struggles of growing up.

Shi Woo’s twin sister, Shi Ah (Noh Jung Ui), may be popular in school but deep inside her is a child who is blaming herself for her family’s downfall. She keeps secrets from her parents (like her job as a part-timer in a convenience store) and becomes a rebel. Nonetheless, she still loves her family but the idea of divorce affects her a lot.

6. You will realize the sacrifices of your parents because of this drama.

In a scene, young dad Dae Young picked up his twins from school under the pouring rain, and allowed himself to get wet just to make sure his kids were protected. In the narration, Dae Young said: “You can tell the size of a person’s love when it’s raining. Even if you use an umbrella together, you can clearly see the size of a person’s love by looking at the slope of it.”


7. Friendships are forever.

Go Deok Jin (Kim Kang Hyun), Dae Young’s BFF who happens to be a game company CEO, is that one true friend who will never turn his back on you especially when you need him. Their friendship stayed strong since high school and he was there for Dae Young throughout the challenges he faced.

You can watch 18 Again on the streaming platform iQIYI. 


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