Reese Witherspoon's Daughter Could Pass Off As Her Twin

No, seriously they're IDENTICAL.

Reese Witherspoon posted pictures of her daughter Ava Phillippe to celebrate her 16th birthday with this lovely caption: “Wow! My sweet girl turns 16 today! 🎉🎂🎉I am so blessed to have such a kind, compassionate, brilliant, artistic, all-around wonderful daughter who makes me a better person everyday. I 💖 you @avaphillippe

Awwww! So sweeeeet—WAIT. Isn’t that Reese? No?! It sure does look like her. GOOD GOD SHE HAS A TWIN.

Ok, so here’s a #tbt pic of Reese when she was around Ava’s age...

 And here’s Ava…

Damn, she’s like Reese circa Cruel Intentions

This is too confusing. 

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