Relatable Christmas Tweets To Make Your Holidays Even *Brighter*

Oh, no. Someone thought 'mistletoe' was 'cameltoe'!
PHOTO: Twitter/samherreraaa

They say Christmas is the most *magical* time of the year. It's also the season where so much is happening, you don't know what to focus on first! Don't worry, Twitter understands. Here are 10 tweets that perfectly sum up the holidays for us ~*grown-ups*~:

Christmas isn't complete without music and kakanin. Check out this mashup: 

You just know grandparents give the best gifts, like this one: 

Is that the Justin Bieber song? *cringe*

What does this song even mean?

There's actually an "All I Want For Christmas Is You" shirt. 

Is it weird that I want one?  


Remember when you had to perform for your relatives as kids? 

There are office Christmas party performances and they look like this: 

One minute you have your bonus and then it's gone. Poof. 

Other Qs from relatives: Why aren't you married yet? What's your job? Hindi ka pa rin graduate?

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LOL. Happy birthday, Jesus!

Every. Single. Year.

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