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This Is The *Best Order* To Watch The 'Reply' Series Before It Leaves Netflix

Make the most of this nostalgic feel-good series!

In case you missed it, the Reply series exits Netflix Philippines on September 30. We know, we know, we're going to miss the ultimate comfort series too! This is one of the most nostalgic K-dramas out there so if you have rewatched it a couple of timesor several, then you're definitely not alone. On the off-chance you haven't been able to stream it though, well, here's your chance. If feel-good, old-school, slice-of-life type stories are your thing, then the Reply series is the way to go!

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The thing is, there are three separate dramas under the Reply umbrella, which can get pretty confusing if you're new to this universe. All three are set in the same world with a few recurring characters and some blink-and-you'll-miss-it connections. This means the depth of the story can change depending on how you watch it! And with barely a month left to stream it, we're here to save you all the trouble by laying down the best streaming orderin our humble opinionbelow.

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What's the best order to watch the Reply K-drama series?

To put it simply, just watch it in the order they were released! It may seem like we didn't have to tell you that, but the titles can get pretty confusing. By watching it in chronological order, you will start with Reply 1997, then Reply 1994, and finally, Reply 1988. Seems counter-intuitive, right? Trust us, this way you'll be able to connect the dots more strongly! Although each year is able to stand very well on its own, watching it this way will allow the overarching story to develop better. 

The first one, 1997, first aired in 2012; 1994 followed in 2013; and the last and arguably the most popular, 1988, aired in 2015. Each one follows the theme of moving back and forth in time to tell the story of a group of friendswith the main story being told during their high school daysbut they also have their own themes too. The first, 1997, focused on romance, while 1994 focused on friendship, while 1988 focused on family and community. Now BRB while we make the most of the streaming days we have left!

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