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Here’s What Some Of Our Fave ‘Return Of Superman’ Kids Look Like Now

Our favorite little humans are growing up!
PHOTO: (left) instagram/songilkook, (right) instagram/choosarang_official

Fans of the Korean show The Return of Superman know the sadness of watching our favorite kids bid farewell to the show. We see the kids literally grow up in every episode—some of them don't even talk yet when they're introduced on the show—so it *kind* of feels like we raised them, too. Just kidding!

Fortunately, however, a lot of the kids’ parents are active on social media and regularly give us fans a little peek into the lives of their kids as they grow up. Here, we round up some of our favorite kids from The Return of Superman and how they’re doing in 2020!

Song Triplets: Song Daehan, Song Minguk, and Song Manse

Duration on the show: 2014-2016

Dad: Song Ilkook

The cheeky Song triplets won everyone’s hearts the moment they appeared on the show. The boys turned eight in March, and they already look so grown up—we really miss their tiny matakaw selves on the show!

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Choo Sarang

Duration on the show: 2013-2017

Dad: Choo Sunghoon

Remember when Sarang could barely talk but made the funniest sounds?! Now, she’s almost nine years old and currently lives in Hawaii with her parents.

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Lee Twins: Lee Seoeon and Lee Seojun

Duration on the show: 2013-2018

Dad: Lee Hwijae

The naughty Lee twins are now seven years old! Their mom regularly posts updates of how the twins are, including activities they enjoy doing.

Lee Haru

Duration on the show: 2013-2015

Dad: Tablo

Haru was one of the first kids we got to know on the show, and we’ll never forget her huge crush on BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. (Because same, Haru, same!) So adorbs! Haru is now nine years old, and still as funny and witty as ever. Her dad, Tablo, often talks about Haru’s growing up adventures on his podcasts and YouTube videos.

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Lee Soeul and Lee Daeul

Duration on the show: 2016-2017

Dad: Lee Bumsoo

The SoDa siblings are now nine and six years old respectively. Get a glimpse of their life through their YouTube account, where they post regular vlogs with their mom!

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Ko Seungjae

Duration on the show: 2017-2019

Dad: Ko Jiyong

We couldn’t get enough of smart and friendly Ko Seungjae and his adventures (and misadventures) with his dad. The latest photo his appa posted was aptly captioned “big boy.” He’s already five years old!

SeolSuDae: Lee Seola, Lee Suah, and Lee Sian aka Daebak

Duration on the show: 2015-2019

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Dad: Lee Donggook

The beagle sisters and their maknae are now six and five years old. Their mom actively posts photos of the Lee siblings, documenting how much they’ve grown and all the activities they love to do. They also have a family YouTube channel, DAEBAK TV.

Park Siblings: Park Naeun and Park Gunhoo

Duration on the show: 2018-2020, currently on hiatus from the show

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Dad: Park Jooho

Naeun and Gunhoo, aka Eden and Aciel, are now four and two years old, and are currently on hiatus from the show. They recently welcomed their third sibling, Jinwoo aka Elyseen, in January. Their dad has also launched a YouTube channel, Captain PaChuHo—a play on what Naeun used to call him!

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Hammingtons: William and Bentley

Duration on the show: 2016-present

Dad: Sam Hammington

We’ve literally seen this duo grow up before our eyes. William is now three years old, and Bentley is two—they both still have their ridiculously cute bowl cuts! One of their famous fans? None other than V of BTS!

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