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WATCH: Rhian Ramos Releases 'Body Crashes' Music Video Shot In New York


Rhian Ramos just released the music video of her song “Body Crashes,” which was shot in New York. It shows Rhian spending the night and the morning after with a guy who is *not* her boyfriend and is a common friend of the couple. Watch how the drama unfolds below:

The actress wrote the song herself. “It’s about a relationship without a future. I was thinking about how love can be a good thing and a bad thing,” she said at the music video launch. “It can sometimes be a drug. When you’re with the person, you’re on a high. Once you get some distance, you realize it’s not for you and then you crash.”

Her cousin who is based in New York, Ryan Henares Willard, directed the music video. They have always wanted to collaborate, and they worked on the music video when Rhian took a six-month showbiz break in New York. 

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