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Rhian Ramos Has A Lot Of Feelings About The Number Coding Window Being Lifted

'I'm pretty sure even the politicians themselves will just buy another car rather than opt to not go to work on coding days.'
PHOTO: Instagram/whianramos

A few days ago, the MMDA declared a no-window-hour policy along EDSA and C-5 starting October 25, Tuesday to alleviate the Metro’s ever-worsening traffic. Yup, you guessed itthe MMDA is scrapping the 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. window for vehicles during their coding days.


But before you start freaking out, MMDA general manager Tim Orbos already foresaw the public’s outrage extreme feelings towards the new policy:  “[The public] may get angry at us but we have to do it… This is not a punishment,” he said. [via]

One such celeb who didn’t filter her ~*feels*~ about the issue is Rhian Ramos. The Kapuso star/race car driver took to Twitter to air her grievances about the new MMDA declarationand, girl makes so much sense. Read along and THINK.

CGs, do you think the new number coding policy will finally alleviate the Metro Manila traffic problem? Or, as Rhian suggests, only prompt private (and rich) motorists to buy more cars? 

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