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WATCH: Rhian Ramos Officially Introduces Her Israeli Boyfriend

The lovebirds have been going out for almost a year!

During the film premiere of Lovi Poe’s The Annulment, Rhian Ramos arrived with a date!

In an interview with Lhar Santiago on 24 Oras, Rhian said, “He’s my boyfriend and he’s also friends with Lovi, so we’re here to support her.” 

Rhian met her boyfriend, Israeli Amit Borsok, through common friends and they’re celebrating their first year anniversary in January 2020.

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Amit shared, “She kinda didn’t want to go out with me for about a month, and she said she’s not in the right place. But I was kind of persistent until I kind of convinced her and it worked.”

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Rhian recently attended a Halloween party with Amit where she dressed up as Dita Von Teese and Amit went as Marilyn Manson.

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