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Ria Atayde On Finding Joshua Garcia *Naughty*: 'Akala ng tao, goody-goody boy si Josh but he's actually a lot of fun'

Ria Atayde describes herself as *both* naughty and nice. "I will say both because I think it's a choice. If I want to be naughty I can be naughty; if I want to be nice, I can be nice. But for the most part, I like being nice. Pero diba, fun din naman yung pagiging naughty—so let's be both," she says laughingly.

So when we got the chance to sit down with the actress for a quick chat, she was game to share who among her friends and fam she considers naughty or nice. From fellow Nguya Squad members Gabbi Garcia, Patrick Sugui, and Aeriel Garcia, friends Joshua GarciaCharlie Dizon, Janella Salvador, and Enchong Dee, and brother Arjo Atayde—of the eight people on her list, who does Ria assign angel wings to, and who is left with the devil horns? *winks*

Don't miss out on Ria's latest projects—Misis Piggy on iWantTFC, and Viral Scandal on ABS-CBN!


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