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GMA-7 Actress Rich Asuncion On Working As A Waitress In Australia: 'Wala akong karapatan maginarte'

PHOTO: Instagram/richasuncionmudie

There's no doubt that the pandemic has affected us in more ways than we can ever have imaginedespecially in the incredible uncertainty of holding a stable job. Some of us have resulted in finding new career opportunities in fields totally opposite to what we're used to working in, just like some of our dear celebrities. GMA-7 actress Rich Asuncion shared a long and heartwarming post of her new life in Australia with her husband, Fil-Australian rugby player Benj Mudie, and their one-year-old daughter Bela.


The young family flew to Australia in March when the spread of the COVID-19 virus was on the rise. Rich, of course, had to adapt to these big changeseven if it meant working in odd jobs to earn a living. On Instagram, the Starstruck alum detailed all her feels after receiving her first paycheck in her new waitressing job.  

"Napakasaya ko ngayong araw dahil natanggap ko na ang una kong sa wakas ay 'di na ako nalulugmok sa lungkot. Malaking bagay 'to dahil sa panahon ngayon ang hirap humanap ng dahilan para sumaya. Lalo pa at nag-adjust pa lang ako dito sa Australia," she wrote.

"Tagal ko rin naghanap ng work. Kailangan mo 'yon dito dahil pag sa bahay ka lang mas lalo kang malulungkot. Marami naman kasing opportunities dito basta 'di ka lang mapili. So 'yon na nga, dahil 'di na ko ako nagpaka-choosy, sinubukan ko na ang pagwi-waitress. Casual job at a restaurant. Nung una nahirapan ako tanggapin pero na-realize ko ngayon, ano naman ang masama 'don. Part pa rin naman siya ng Tourism course na kinuha ko sa UP. At wala akong karapatan maginarte kasi nabigyan ako panibagong chance to start anew."

The 31-year-old actress went on to write uplifting words in these trying times: "I know most of us will need to adjust to a new/different life after this pandemic. And that's not all that bad. To be able to survive through this [pandemic] is already a blessing. As hard as it may seem, look for the silver lining. Hold on and say, 'I am still a champion.' Be grateful because some people have lost more than you already have. Sa ngayon ay tanggap ko na at masaya na ko sa bago kong buhay kasama ang aking pamilya."

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In even better news, Rich also revealed that she's just enrolled to continue her studies, was offered a full-time job at a daycare center, and that she and her hubby are one step closer to owning their future home.

And as for her acting career? Rich answered some queries in her comments section and said she hasn't quit showbiz at all and is "just making a life out here during these uncertain times." So, so inspiring, Rich!


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