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Richard Gomez Admits To Cheating On Dawn Zulueta

But how could he?!

During an appearance on Gandang Gabi Vice, Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta gamely answered all the cheating rumors that circled their break up in the '90s. The former lovers and The Love Affair co-stars, revealed that Richard did cheat on Dawn with several women while they were in a relationship—and she knew all about it.

“How can you refuse a woman coming on to you?” Richard said.

To which Vice Ganda retorted, “How can you NOT refuse women kung may ganito ka na kagandang woman?”

Dawn then defended her ex, “Bata pa siya ‘nun. Binata pa siya. He was just sowing his wild oats.”

The pair took this whole interview really well, don't you think? Plus, these guys are proof that exes CAN remain friends after breaking up.

Watch the video below:

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