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Robi Domingo And Gretchen Ho Made Us Kilig Yet Again!

PHOTO: YouTube/Trendz Today

It hasn't even been a week since Robi Domingo's grand video surprise for ex-girlfriend Gretchen Ho during the Bb. Pilipinas pageant on Monday night, and now the two have another public encounter.

At a smartphone launch last night, Gretchen, being the professional host that she is, had ask the celebrity ambassadors a couple of technical questions, and her ex-boyfriend Robi was part of the interviewees. Robi tried his hardest (we got you, boo) to explain his favorite smartphone feature. The "formality"  was broken when this exchange between them happened:

Gretchen: "Siyempre, mahilig ka kasi mag-store ng ano 'di ba sa phone."

Robi: "Oo, naalala mo pa."


Gretchen then couldn't help but give in to the cheers and jokingly pass on the hosting duties to Robi's fellow ambassador Jasmine Curtis-Smith, saying: "Jasmine, ikaw na nga mag-host! Joke lang."

But, trust us, this awkwardly sweet encounter of theirs is better seen on video (Thank you, internet!):

watch now
watch now