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Netizens Are Pissed At Robin Padilla's Cheating Remarks Regarding Kylie And Aljur's Split

Robin Padilla: ''Di ako naniniwala na merong lalaki na makakatanggi sa tukso.'

This week, Kylie Padilla announced that she and Aljur Abrenica have split. In her statement to GMA News, Kylie didn't reveal the cause of the separation. Instead, she asked that the public respect their decision and everyone in the family. Her statement reads in part, "All we need right now is respect—first and foremost on the decisions we have made as a family, and respect for each and every member of our family—to Aljur who is the father of my two wonderful boys, most especially to Alas and Axl who are at this point very fragile, and also to our families from both sides who have guided us along the way."

Kylie's dad Robin Padilla, however, disclosed that there was a third party on Aljur's end, so Kylie was the one who ended their marriage. In an interview with Ogie Diaz, Robin said he would check up on Kylie, and Kylie always said she was okay. When the couple decided to go their separate ways, Robin once again asked Kylie if she was okay, and Robin shared Kylie's response: "Oo, Pa. Ako ang nakipaghiwalay, e."


Robin admitted that he's saddened that Kylie and Aljur's marriage has fallen apart. But he said that it's not in his or in anyone's place to fix it; for him, it's up to Kylie and Aljur to make things work again, should they want to give their marriage another shot. With this, Robin shared that he told Aljur not to air their relationship problems online, which their kids could even see one day: "Isa lang ang gusto ko, tumigil kayo sa social media. Nakakahiya 'yan." 

When Ogie asked Robin's thoughts on the cheating issue, Robin's response disappointed and outraged many netizens.

"Imposible ba 'yon? Hindi 'yon kaimposiblehan. 'Yan ang sinasabi ko kay Kylie. Lalaki 'yan," Robin said. "Sa panahon ngayon, 'di ako naniniwala na merong lalaki na makakatanggi sa tukso."

Ogie also wondererd if Kylie asked Robin to mediate, and Robin said no. "Hindi, at hindi rin ako papayag. Anong sasabihin ko kay Aljur? 'Gago ka, bakit ka nambababae?' E, ano sasabihin sa akin ni Aljur? 'Bakit kayo, Pa, hindi ba kayo nambabae?' Ayaw ko masagot nun! Mapapahiya ako."

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Reporter Gillian Cortez tweeted, "May I just point out how problematic it is for Robin Padilla to tell Kylie Padilla that she should be thankful Aljur is a 'man' and real men actually cheat? Because anyone who has the decency shouldn't be cheating, the same way people aren't supposed to be martyrs for it."

Gillian added, "I also want to point out that cheating isn't a gender thing, btw."

Twitter user @JonathanBuclay wrote, "The stupidest thing I heard today is Robin Padilla forgiving Aljur for breaking his daughter's heart with no apologies because it's 'natural' for men to cheat."

User @josiahtraves said, "I really couldn't stomach Robin Padilla's assertions. Seriously? Your daughter has been cheated [on] by her husband & yet you're justifying the mistakes of Aljur by using your masculinity instead of educating & rectifying him. Lmao, cheaters have [the] same mind e, no?"

On Facebook, fitness entrepreneur Rendon Labador commented, "Lahat naman tayo nagkakamali pero yung parang prino-promote mo pa na okay lang at normal lang 'yan, 'yon ang hindi tama. Kung ako, sasampalin ko si Aljur. Sasabihin ko na 'Oo, nagkamali ako kaya huwag mong gayahin.' Mali na nga gagaya ka pa! T*nga ka ba."


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