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'All is well': Rocco Nacino Talks About Working With Ex-GF Lovi Poe In GMA Show

ICYDK, they did date back in 2014!

Sometimes your past has a way of catching up with youand for Rocco Nacino, it's working with his ex-girlfriend Lovi Poe. ICYDK ('cause it is ~ancient~ news), the two Kapuso stars dated from 2014 to 2016 and have since happily moved on to their respective partners: Melissa Gohing, Rocco's wife, and Monty Benclowe, Lovi's LDR boyfriend.

But since Rocco and Lovi are both actors working in the same network, it's inevitable that they'd cross paths and be cast in the same show! In fact, Rocco actually was one of the newest additions to Lovi's GMA Public Affairs show with Benjamin Alves, Owe My Love. got to speak with Rocco about his experience filming with his ex during their lock-in taping back in February.

After confirming that, yes, Lovi did congratulate Rocco on his wedding last January, he went on to reveal that everything was ~well~ between them and they actually had a "good talk" before filming: "All is well. I'm especially enjoying taping again and being in front of the camera. Lovi and I had a good talk before our scenes and that translated into not being awkward at all in doing all our scenes."

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In 2017, a year after their breakup, the two former lovers had a ~closure talk~ which happened during a gathering with the cast of Beautiful Strangers, a soap they both starred in! Rocco and Lovi were left alone by their co-stars in the restaurant and stayed until the wee hours of the morning: "Pinag-usapan namin ang buong relationship, what went wrong… kumustahan din kami," he told "It was very mature, very mature ang usapan. Pagkatapos, ano na, sobrang gaan. 'Yon pala ang feeling 'nun, pagkagising ko the next day, ang gaan-gaan ng pakiramdam ko."

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A few months after Rocco's interview in 2017, Lovi had short but sweet words to say about her ex: "We're good friends, and I'm happy about that. I always wish him the best. He's a good guy. And there's nothing else I want more but for him to be happy."