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10 Romantic Japanese Dramas You Can Watch On Viu

Best friends falling for each other, a love triangle, and more!

Wondering what to watch next? Here are 10 Japanese shows that you can stream on Viu right now:  

1. Ex-Enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania (2019) 

In this rom-com, a 27-year-old woman claims that she's "crazy about her ex-boyfriend." And just when she's about to fall for someone else, she runs into her ex again! Could there be a second chance for them? 

No. of episodes: 9

2. Koinaka: Best Friends in Love (2015) 

The show tells the story of "two people who are in love but are not necessarily together." Viu writes that in this series, indecisive Miura Aoi works at a small architectural office in Tokyo as an assistant. He is reunited with Serizawa Akari, his childhood friend and first love. 

No. of episodes: 9

3. 99 Days With The Superstar (2011)

This drama stars Kim Tae Hee as a famous actress from South Korea! According to Viu, a normal man becomes her bodyguard for 99 days. They go everywhere together, knowing that they cannot fall in love with each other.

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No. of episodes: 10 

4. You Are My Destiny (2020)

A girl who works at a law firm meets the successor of a large company. He is eager to marry early because of his grandmother. One day, they end up on the same bed together, and she ends up getting pregnant. 

No. of episodes: 7—so far! 

5. Love That Makes You Cry (2016) 

While struggling to survive in Tokyo, six young people establish friendly and romantic relationships in the city. 

No. of episodes: 10 

6. Last Cinderella (2013)

This Japanese series from Viu features a 39-year-old single woman named Sakura, who has not had a date in ten years. She eventually gets caught in a love triangle between Rintaro, her friend, and Hintaro, a guy she met at a matchmaking event. 

No. of episodes: 11

7. A Girl And Three Sweethearts (2016)

A young pastry chef devotes all her time and energy to her dream of opening her own shop someday. When she gets fired from her job, she has an unexpected reunion with her first love from high school! She ends up living in his house with his two younger brothers. 

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No. of episodes: 10 

8. Love Song (2016) 

My Drama List writes that this series focuses on a former musician with a ruined dream (he had one hit song in the past). He meets a girl with an amazing voice and starts to wonder if he should start making music again. 

No. of episodes: 11

9. Doctor's Affairs (2015) 

According to the show's Viu description, Morita Haruki is a righteous surgeon who spends all his time saving patients in the hospital. One day, he meets a female senior surgeon named Kondo Chizuru and eventually falls for her.

No. of episodes: 11

10. Ossan's Love 

Viu says that in this show, a straight single man in his thirties wants to get married. He lives a quiet life until his senior at work and his roommate, who are both males, confess their feelings for him.

No. of episodes: 7


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