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5 Romantic Movies To Watch If You Don't Have A Date On V-Day

You don't have to hate love stories just 'cause you're single.
PHOTO: Its Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong/Gravitas Ventures

When February hits, people always assume that single girls everywhere must be in mourning… as if happiness isn't possible when you're flying solo. If you're in love with love, here are some of the best underrated romantic movies to keep you company this Valentine's Day:

1. Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong

Starring: Jamie Chung, Bryan Greenberg

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What happens when you meet the right person at the wrong time? Two expats meet and fall in love with the gorgeous Hong Kong skyline in the background. (Btw, these lovebirds are married IRL!)

2. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Starring: Kat Dennings, Michael Cera

Nick visits New York to nurse his broken heart; Norah is struggling to find herself. This is a story about romantic chance encounters.

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3. The First Time

Starring: Dylan O’Brien, Britt Robertson

Dave and Aubrey figure out what sex is like and what love is all about… for the first time.

4. Celeste & Jesse Forever

Starring: Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg

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Best friends and soul mates Celeste and Jesse are separating in good terms, but they can't seem to let go of each other.

5. The Spectacular Now

Starring: Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley

A party boy meets a nice, quirky girl. Think A Walk To Remember, minus the tragic death in the end. Fun fact: They wanted to keep things authentic, so both Miles and Shailene aren't wearing makeup in this movie. 

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