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Ross Butler Is Our Sexy New Obsession

Yup, that's Reggie from 'Riverdale' and Zach from '13 Reasons Why.'
PHOTO: Riverdale/The CW

Everyone and their mother is currently hooked on two Netflix shows: Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why. Both shows revolve around a group of teenagers and their troubles, so it’s pretty obvious why we can’t stop watching.

As for us, we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re obsessed with these series because of one 26-year-old actor, Ross Butler.

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Ross played Reggie Mantle on season one of Riverdale and Zach Dempsey in the TV adaptation of 13 Reasons Why.

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Here’s a photo of him with his co-stars from both shows, KJ Apa (Archie in Riverdale), Cole Sprouse (Jughead in Riverdale), and Christian Navarro (Tony in 13 Reasons Why).

As you can see, Ross is also very, very hot. (He stands at 6’3” JUST SAYING.)

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Born in Singapore, Ross was raised by his mom in Fairfax, Virginia. In an interview, he revealed that he went to college to major in Engineering, but dropped out after a year to move to LA. Before his stint on the two hit shows, Ross starred in Disney’s Teen Beach Movie 2 and guested on K.C. Undercover.  He’s also starred in MTV’s Teen Wolf.

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According to his Instagram, he’s also a great musician and singer. Do enjoy these clips of him making sweet music. (Try not to get distracted by his sexy arms.)

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Never change, Ross.

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