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Ryan Agoncillo Shares The Totally Adorkable Way He First Met Judy Ann Santos

You seriously gotta love this couple!
PHOTO: Instagram/ryan_agoncillo

For those who follow Ryan Agoncillo on Insta, you'd be familiar with his series called #storiesforlucho, a collection of heartwarming stories about life, love, and everything in-between for his son Lucho. On April 27, Ryan blessed us with another entry, this time, about ~how he met Lucho's mother~ Judy Ann Santosand it is every bit adorkably kilig!

Ryan shared side-by-side photos of him and Judy Ann, taken by celebrated photographer Raymund Isaac, a good friend of the couple. Apparently, these photos were also taken on the same exact day in 2001 and at the very same studio! Serendipity isn't it?!

Writing on Instagram, Ryan said:

"These photos were taken on the same afternoon by your Tito Raymund back in 2001.

It was early in the afternoon and work finished early that day.

I don't remember where exactly I was headed after,

but for sure though, I was in no particular hurry.


Changing back to the clothes I wore on the way to the studio,

taking my time gathering my backpack and gear,

the photographer invites me back in,

to sit and take a few test shots with the set up for the next photo shoot.

As I was making my way out, helmet and stuff in hand,

I saw her being made up, in the far end of the studio.

I stopped, waved, and then, I said,


The moment the word left my lips, our eyes locked in the mirror

SH@T, 'di nga pala kami magkakilala!

I smiled, and ran to the nearest exit.

That is how I met your mother, bud.


What a story.

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In 2001, Judy Ann was already a legit ~superstar~ as one of ABS-CBN's premier actresses, while Ryan was starting out in the 'biz as a host and commercial model. Yup, we totally get why Ryan was starstruck over Juday! And as we all know, they've become end gamethey got hitched in a surprise wedding in 2009 in Batangas, and now have three beautiful children: Yohan, Lucho, and Luna.


Ugh, this couple is definitely one of our faves!

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