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Ryan Gosling's Doppelganger Is So Hot Your Teeth Will Sweat

What's better than one Gosling? Two.
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It's been a while since Hollywood has had a good doppelgänger. Leonardo DiCaprio's Russian twin extended his 15 minutes of fame and went on to star in a vodka commercial. It was cute, especially the part where Leo appeared (in a photo). But that was last summer. So it's a good thing that Johannes Laschet, a fashion blogger and law student from Germany, has popped up. Johannes is the German equivalent of my Canadian prince Ryan Gosling. Or, as BuzzFeed puts it, this guy is Ryan's twin. It's a pretty legit title. See?

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Johannes, who describes himself as an "enthusiast of classic menswear," is also the son of German politician Armin Laschet, who was recently elected to be the minister president of North Rhine-Westphalia. Here's Johannes, who goes by "Joe," giving major Notebook vibes. (According to his own caption, this is his "weekend mode.")

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Here's Joe channeling Ryan's sexy character from Crazy Stupid Love (but in Joe's world, he's just chilling in "urban territory"):

Joe also looks good in other countries, like Italy. Here he is looking handsome in Florence:

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Welcome to Italy, Joe's been waiting for you. (Wow, he's even got the RyGos smirk down. Someone hold my wedding ring please):

Ooooh, how Lars and the Real Girl of Joe:

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There's no proper way to end this (other than to continue scrolling through his beautiful Instagram feed), so I'll leave you with what Joe told GQ Deutschland about what it's like to be compared to RyGos. "It often occurs and sometimes is exhausting… There are worse things and you should not complain about it now. It's better than when people say, 'He looks like Danny DeVito.'" Poor Danny DeVito, but congrats on having a new crush, internet!

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