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Ryan Gosling Denied Permanent Restraining Order For Alleged Stalker

His stalker even claimed she was his twin!

Ryan Gosling has failed to win a permanent restraining order against a female stalker.

The 34-year-old actor obtained a temporary protection order against Grace Marie Del Villar in November, forcing her to stay away 100 yards away from him, girlfriend Eva Mendes, and their four-month-old daughter, Esmeralda, after she bombarded him with harassing emails and packages for three months. However, a judge dismissed his request to have it extended for three years in Los Angeles this morning.

The judge was forced to reject the application after the heartthrob's legal team admitted they were unable to locate Grace, who lives in New York, to personally serve her the extension documents, as is required by law.

Sources close to Ryan told gossip website that he is frustrated by the situation, but his lawyers will be ready to pounce in court if Grace shows up in LA again.

The actor was unnerved when the obsessed fan traveled to one of his relative's homes in LA on October 28 and claimed she was his twin when questioned by staff at the security gate.

On a separate occasion, Grace allegedly sent The Notebook actor an image of Eva which had been torn from a magazine, to which she attached her contact details.

She also contacted Ryan's sister, Mandi, last year and reportedly told her: "I am kicking your brother's head."

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