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Ryan Reynolds Gives Hilarious Advice To New Dads

'Realize that you're pretty much the least important thing in the [delivery] room.'

Ryan Reynolds has offered up some delivery room tips for new dads in a hilarious new video.

The 40-year-old, whose wife Blake Lively gave birth to their second daughter in September, shared his advice for fathers-to-be and cracked jokes in the clip, titled Five Delivery Room Tips Every Man Should Know.

The video was posted on GQ magazine's YouTube page, and Ryan kicked off the advice with a shout-out to Jon Hamm's chauvinistic Mad Men character.

"Be in the room! You're not Don Draper," the star quipped.

On photography in the delivery room, Ryan offered an essential pro-tip: "Be judicious with the photographs you take because a photo of your daughter crowning hanging on the refrigerator, that's not going to help anyone," he joked.

"Your wife will pretty much never think it's funny or charming if you tip your imaginary top hat and say, 'At your ser-vix,'" the Deadpool star added. "Don't... don't do that."

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He also warned his fellow dads to know their place during childbirth: "Realize that you're pretty much the least important thing in the [delivery] room," he explained. "It's gonna go: Your wife, your baby, the doctor, a nurse, a doula if you have one, the air... God, the air."

His final tip was for men to remain positive, especially when it comes to being asked unnerving questions by their wives.

"And when your wife asks if everything's OK down there, you know, just respond in the affirmative. Don't yell, 'Better than ever!'" he concluded. 

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