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This Vid Of Ryu Seung Ryong Getting *Pranked* By Zombies Is The Dose Of Positivity You Need Today

His reaction is priceless!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Netflix, (RIGHT) Instagram/ryuseungryong_

By now, you've probably watchedand rewatchedSeason 2 of hit zombie series Kingdom. And we're sure Ryu Seung Ryong's performance as the evil chief state councilor Cho Hak-ju both amazed you and made you super mad! I mean...why is he so greedy for power? Why can't he leave Prince Lee Chang alone? 

Here's something that will make you love the actor even more: A fan video of Seung Ryong getting pranked by zombies is circulating on Facebook! During a press conference, Seung Ryong, along with Ju Ji HoonBae Doona, Kingdom scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee, and the show's director Kim Seong Hun, were having their photos taken with a sword and a huge Kingdom-inspired zombie cake. 

As they were asked to look at the cameras, "zombies" began creeping up behind them! Ji Hoon pretended to fight a zombie with the sword prop, but the real star of the video is Seung Ryong, who yelled in fright and appeared to be totally shocked to discover a zombie right next to him. 

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The video's caption hilariously describes the situation, saying, "Yung ikaw yung kontrabida pero ikaw pa yung natakot."

Watch the vid here: 

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In an interview with and other members of the press, Seung Ryong talked about his character, saying:

"Evil characters like Jo Hak-ju, as I said before, is not absolutely evil. There are reasons, at least for him, for what he is doing. He gives a certain sense of legitimacy to all of the things that he does. So that is something that's unique about him compared to other [villains]. And I do think that if I were to find something [to admire] about him, it would be the charisma that he used to really get to where he is in the story." 

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Kingdom's first season was released in January 2019. In Season 2, Prince Lee Chang continues to fight zombies while trying to take back control of his kingdom from the *evil* Cho clan. Meanwhile, Seo-bi, a physician, tries to get to the bottom of the plague and find a cure! 

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