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Sad and Brokenhearted? Watch Ramon Bautista's Tales From The Friend Zone

Tired of always being "just the friend?" You're not alone! Watch these funny yet helpful webisodes produced by Ramon Bautista.

Stuck in the friend zone? Ramon Bautista has all the answers! Since 2012, he has been producing YouTube webisodes called Tales From The Friend Zone with fellow filmmaker RA Rivera. Each episode is based on a true story sent to him via Formspring by his fans and readers, narrating their embarrassing, awkward, and painful experiences of being friend-zoned by their crushes. He then offers his two cents at the end of each episode on how to resolve the problem.

Check out some of the episodes below.

Tales From The Friend Zone, "I Love You Bebelyn!"
The story of Patrick Ian is not uncommon: guy has a crush on girl with a boyfriend, girl breaks up with the boyfriend, guy "makes-abang" and offers to be her shoulder to cry on.

Tales From The Friend Zone, “Gustung gustung gusto kita, kaso ayaw na ayaw mo sa akin :’(("
Are you torpe? NGSB or NBSB (No Girlfriend/Boyfriend Since Birth)? You can learn a thing or two from the story of Angeloh.

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Tales From The Friend Zone, "Zero"
Wait, is Ramon Bautista engaged?! This is what happens when the love of your life (who is oblivious to the fact that she’s the love of your life) rejects your marriage proposal. The boys of Magic 89.9s' Boys Night Out also make a cameo in this episode.

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