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Japanese Horror Film 'Sadako' Is Now Screening In Cinemas

Better turn off your TV...and computer.

If you're who easily gets scared, chances are you've slept with the light on for days on end after watching a horror film. Take, for example, the 1998 Japanese horror classic Ring, which follows the story of a haunted videotape that causes the viewer's death seven days after he or she first watches it. Anyone who's seen the movie most likely had to move their TV out of their bedroom to get some decent shut-eye. 

And just in time for Halloween, the 2019 film Sadako, which continues the lore, is screening in cinemas nationwide! 

Older variations of Sadako's story usually have her emerging from a television screen, but the newest version will have you looking warily at your computer screen, too. The 2019 edition of the familiar curse stars Elaiza Ikeda as Mayu Akikawa, a counselor who now takes care of a mysterious girl with amnesia. Her younger brother, Kazuma Akikawa (Hiroya Shimizu), is a wannabe YouTube star who visits an abandoned apartment after it's been mysteriously burned down. As he investigates and records his exploration, a white figure with dark hair appears, and Kazuma vanishes. Slowly, Mayu's daily life gets plagued by visions, strange occurrences, and the looming presence of the girl with dark hair.

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