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Why You Should Watch 'Sakaling Hindi Makarating'

It'll take you all over the Philippines in under two hours!
PHOTO: YouTube/Sakaling Hindi Makarating Film

While there are many movies out there about soul searching to heal a broken heart, this indie film takes the bar of traveling a notch (or two) higher. Sakaling Hindi Makarating features Cielo (Alessandra de Rossi), whose broken engagement prompts her to obsessively search for the sender of some mysterious postcards mailed to her apartment. Cielo’s months-long journey all over the Philippines is a travel diary, cultural showcase, and a love story all rolled into one!

Here are the many reasons why watching SHM is worth your time (and money):

You get to travel all over the Philippines

Instead of focusing on just one far-off locale, the film jumps from one province to the next. Cielo starts her travels in Mindanao, venturing to Visayas, and ending with a trip to nothern Luzon.  It’ll make you realize that the Philippines is nothing short of stunning.

The ~*romance*~ of snail mail

The bygone era of sending postcards and letters (from an actual post office!) is revisited in this film. Did you know it takes two weeks for a letter to be sent from Batanes to Manila? No? Same here.


You get to know more about local culture

There’s much more to the Philippines than most Manileños know of. The film introduces us to the colorful regatta festival in Zamboanga, and the mask-making industry of Moriones islandcultural identities detached from the urban jungle that we’re used to.

She has two leading men!

No spoilers here ('cause they were part of the trailer): SHM also stars funnyman Pepe Herrera as Paul, Cielo's charming next-door neighbor, and JC Santos as the mysterious hunk she meets along the way.

Lots of #hugot

Yup, this film still centers on a woman with a broken heart, so get ready for tons of quotable lines and feelsy scenes. Pass on the tissue pls!

Sakaling Hindi Makarating opens in cinemas nationwide on February 1, 2017.

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