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Sam Concepcion Reveals How He Fell For Kiana Valenciano

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on March 9, 2017!
PHOTO: Instagram/kianavee

1 Sam Concepcion just shared some sweet details about his relationship with Kiana Valenciano, including the fact that it blossomed naturally from their close friendship. At a video shoot, Sam said, "She's one of my oldest friends from my Trumpets days when I was a kid. We've always been friends. And you know, sometimes, things just happen. And, you know, they happen for a reason… So, when it just happens, you just go with it, and it's a good thing." Cute! <3 (PEP)

2 Arci Muñoz just tried her hand at tattooing! The actress shared a video on Instagram, plus a photo of the finished product—a popsicle tattoo.

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3 After Katy Perry cut her hair into a pixie cut, Kristen Stewart is the next celeb to follow suit: She just debuted a platinum blonde buzz cut! What's the verdict, CGs?

4 Speaking of haircuts, superhero Thor’s long golden locks are no more! Check out this new still from the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok of Chris Hemsworth sporting a neat, short crop!

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5 We’re the first to admit that we’ve had some crazy nights out, but they obviously can’t compare to the one in Rough Night. Check out the trailer for the comedy starring Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Kravitz: