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Sandara Park On 2NE1’s Controversial Disbandment: '[Those] were the darkest years for me'

The Hallyu superstar revealed that it's her ultimate *dream* for 2NE1 to have a comeback.
Sandara Park Opens Up About 2NE1's Disbandment
PHOTO: Instagram/daraxxi

Almost six years ago, YG Entertainment officially announced the controversial disbandment of one of the most well-loved girl groups in the world, 2NE1, which was composed of four members: Bom, CL, Minzy, and the Philippines’ “Pambansang Krung-krung” Sandara Park.

The news was followed by criticisms from K-pop fans who were upset about the company’s sudden decision, but it seems like they weren’t the only ones who were surprised. In fact, Sandara recently revealed that she only found out about their disbandment through the press.

“It literally felt like the sky was falling,” she shared during her guest appearance at MBC’s talk show, Radio Star. “The situation was not good. The agency at the time also thought that it would be difficult for the group to promote. But for the members, we wanted to keep going because we have our fans.”

Sandara ParkInstagram/daraxxi

Sandara admits that she didn’t know how she could “define” herself if she weren’t a member of 2NE1. “I promoted as a member of 2NE1 for seven years. Over those years, I felt like I am just 2NE1 itself. […] The past few years after our disbandment were the darkest years for me.”

Sandara ParkInstagram/daraxxi
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The group had a ~*surprise reunion*~ at CL’s Coachella stage in April 2022—much to Blackjacks’ delight! The performance was a huge success, and Sandara admits that it's still her *ultimate dream* to reunite with the members for the long haul and stage their comeback as 2NE1.

“We believe that there will be a time for us [to reunite], just like how Girls' Generation did recently,” she shared.

We’ll be here waiting, DARA!


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