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Sandara Park Has *No Plans* Of Getting Married And Here's Why

Valid reasons.
Sandara Park shares why she chooses not to get married
PHOTO: Instagram/daraxxi

Sandara "Dara" Park may be in her 30s already, but she has *no plans* of settling down. 

While guesting on an episode teaser of singer Tak Jae Hoon's YouTube show No Back Tak Jae-hoon,  the former actress turned K-pop idol revealed why she chooses not to get married.

"I'm a non-'maritalist'," Dara replied.

"Why, do you hate men?" Hae Joon asked.

"I’ve seen too many people who had failed (marriages) around me," Dara said.

Dara's broken family is no secret. In a 2019 article, Koreaboo shared how Dara's father left their family for another woman after losing all his money to gambling. This forced her to become their family's breadwinner and eventually audition for Star Circle Quest in 2004.

Although she's mostly kept her love life private, Dara has given fans some info about ex-boyfriends, like that one who made her feel confident with her half-shaved hairstyle.

Nevertheless, Dara is not closing her doors to a new romance. In a 2022 guesting on the South Korean variety show Problem Child in House, Sandara shared that she's already ready for a long-term relationship, having followed her former agency YG's "dating ban" until 2021.


Watch Dara's No Back Tak Jae Hoon interview here:


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