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Sandra Lemonon Confidently Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump

The beauty queen is set to give birth very soon!
sandra lemonon shows off growing baby bump

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 candidate Sandra Lemonon is counting down the weeks before meeting her little bundle of joy! 

On Instagram, Sandra shared that she’s been carrying her baby for the last 35 weeks and said she has five more weeks to go "before we can hold our miracle in our arms."

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Sandra's post came with photos of her fiance, PBA player Sol Mercado. She shared, "It is crazy how time flies by so fast, I can vividly remember our first ultrasound when we were only six weeks and six days."

She added, "Grateful for a healthy pregnancy so far and to have such an amazing support system and partner."

Ending her post, Sandra wrote, "Treasuring these last weeks as I am feeling Baby Z drop/grown and getting ready to be born."

In a recent Instagram update, Sandra, who was 34 weeks pregnant at the time of posting, shared how amazed she is "On how [a] woman’s body works and how it can create/carry life."

She shared some of the symptoms she's been feeling, such as feeling more pressure on her pelvis, and noted how she would waddle like a penguin. She also described some of her recent cravings for sweets and sour candy. 

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She wrote, "Six more weeks to g, time is passing so fast. Kinda just want to pause, rewind and fast forward time all at once."

Last March, Sandra and Sol announced their engagement and dropped the news that they were expecting their first child together. Sol popped the question on the day of the couple's gender reveal party, where they found out that they are expecting a baby boy.

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