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How Rich Is Sarah Geronimo?

The singer-actress is one of the most successful celebrities in the country.

Online resources dedicated to estimating the net worth of celebrities, tycoons, and politicians estimate that superstar Sarah Geronimo is worth anywhere in the ballpark from $10 million (P509.52 million) to $75 million (P3.82 billion)

Since 2010, Sarah appeared regularly on almost every annual list of the Bureau of internal Revenues (BIR) list of the Philippines' top taxpayers until 2016, when the Data Privacy Law took effect.

According to BIR records, Sarah paid P4.89 million in taxes from her earnings of P15.28 million in 2009. In 2010, she paid P14.83 million in taxes from her earnings of P46.4 million. Sarah didn't appear in BIR's list of the Philippines' top taxpayers in 2011.

Sarah paid P18.13 million in taxes from an income of P56.6 million for the year of 2012, making her the 59th top taxpayer in the country for that year.

Sarah paid P16.12 million in taxes from her income of P50.39 million in 2013, and P21.47 million in taxes from her income of P67.09 million in 2014.

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That would make her earnings from 2009 to 2014 greater than P230 million ($4.5 million) within the span of six years.

The list of the Philippines' top taxpayers was discontinued in 2016. Under the Data Privacy Law, tax information is now confidential.

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As such, we can only guess how much Sarah has earned since 2015 from her countless endorsements with major advertisers, such as Shopee, Colgate, Bear Brand, and more. The singer-actress has also appeared in four major production feature films since 2014, all of which earned more than P150 million at the box office, with Finally Found Someone (2017) earning more than P315 million in the first year alone. She is also signed on as a coach for The Voice Kids and The Voice Teens, two of the most popular television shows in the country. She has also performed in multiple large-scale concerts since then, including Unified, where she shared the stage with Regine Velasquez.

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Considering Sarah began working as a child and her career has only skyrocketed in the last six years, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that her wealth has only doubled since then, making the estimation of $10 million not too far-fetched, and perhaps even on the low end of the spectrum.