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Sarah Lahbati + Richard Gutierrez Won't Have This One Thing At Their Wedding

FYI, their wedding is happening next year!
PHOTO: Mark Jesalva

Sarah Lahbati and fiancé Richard Gutierrez are in the thick of wedding planning, and, at press time, they are around "50 percent" done with the process.

"Every day, I'm doing a little something for the wedding," Sarah tells

She continues, "I'm planning a bachelorette party or I'm making a decision on a detail for the wedding.

"Parang every other day or every day, there's something related to the wedding that I have to do or talk to someone about."

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The wedding will take place next year, and it will not be a destination wedding.

So far, she and Richard have had no arguments about the details involved in planning their wedding.

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There is one wedding detail Richard hopes they avoid: large ornamental centerpieces on the reception tables.

Sarah elaborates, "We always go to weddings and parties and one thing we noticed is, when there's a long table and there's big flowers or big lights or stuff in front of you, you can't see the person. We want to avoid that.

"He keeps telling me, make sure there's nothing long in front of people...

"It's nothing crazy, nothing life-changing."

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As for Sarah, she wants her loved ones to have a good time at the wedding.

But most of all, the mother of two would like her wedding to be a celebration of their love.

"I hope it transcends through the event... Show them the love we have for each other."