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Sassa Gurl On Why She Was Late For The Preview Ball 2022: 'Kasi nag-tricycle lang ako'

Sassa Gurl says she was late for the Preview Ball 2022 because she rode a tricycle
PHOTO: Instagram/itssassagurl

The Preview Ball 2022 may officially be over, but we still can't get over celebs' stunning looks at the event.

Recently, content creator Sassa Gurl shared her one-of-a-kind creation for the occasion, along with an explanation as to why she was late to the ball.

"Miss Gay lotto with the hulugang kumot," Sassa Gurl wrote in an IG post, featuring a photo of herself in her Preview Ball attire, posing beside a tricycle. "3 Gives kutur, 'te. Na-late ako sa #previewball2022 kasi nag-tricycle lang ako eme."


LOL. Obviously, she was kidding. But we're still loving her kumot-inspired outfit! Sassa Gurl even shared photos of herself as a kid fashionably draping a blanket and looking runway-ready.

Sassa Gurl's Preview Ball outfit, dubbed "Kumot Kutur" by her fashion designer, Arwin Meriales, had a beaded bodice and a voluminous skirt.

In an interview with Preview, Sassa Gurl says there's a special meaning behind her ensemble. Apparently, it's "an ode to all the little queer kids playing dress-up in blankets," as shown in her throwback photo.


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