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Here's Our First Look At SB19's Official Logo

'This signifies our struggles, aspirations, and the people behind our success.'
PHOTO: Instagram/officialsb19

Filipino boy band SB19 just dropped their official logo on their Instagram account, and it has an especially deep meaning behind it.

A lengthy caption accompanied the image, which at first glance appears to be a combination of letters of the pop group's name.

"Today, we officially release our group’s emblem," the post read. "This signifies our struggles, aspirations, and the people behind our success. This emblem will be used in all of our future activities, products, and merchandise."

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The group went on to share what their name stands for, which had a clever way of representing both South Korea and the Philippines.

"As we all know, 'SB' in SB19 initially stands for 'ShowBT' because we are the first Pinoy idol group in our company, while '19' [is] derived from the Philippines’ (+63) and South Korea’s (+82) country codes. When each number sums up (6+3+8+2), we get 19. This signifies the collaboration between South Korea and Philippines."

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The logo's more than just a combination of their name's letters, after all, and the meaning is super touching for fans. 

"The emblem’s shape shows the fusion of a diamond and windmill. The diamond shape signifies our bond with our fans. [A] diamond shines even in the tiniest of light –– our fans are our light. Even if we only receive a little support, we will keep shining. If you already heard this phrase 'diamonds are forever,' we aspire to be a gem that will stand the test of time. From the dictionary, a windmill operates when there is wind. For us, the wind is our fans. We cannot express how thankful we are with the continued support all our fans have been giving us. SB19 as the windmill, we cannot exist without the wind's (our fans) support."

"While we're taking this beautiful journey, we are grateful that we have you. #SB19OfficialLogo"

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The all-Filipino group made up of Justin, Sejun, Ken, Josh, and Stell, has been super busy promoting their latest single "Go Up," the music video of which has already amassed more than three million views. It's a follow-up to their first single, "Tilaluha."

They trained under Korean entertainment group ShowBT, which explains why they've got amazing vocals and dance skills. They practice their choreography 30 times a day just to get it perfectly, and they don't release a song until they've rehearsed the dance at least a thousand times in total. Wow. Talk about dedication! Things are definitely looking up for these boys.

Watch SB19's "Go Up" music video here: