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These Adorable Scarlet Snow Belo Memes Are All Hilariously Relatable

'Yung nasasaktan ka pero wala kang karapatan.'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Mark Jesalva, (RIGHT) Twitter/mariaxsetty

It was Scarlet Snow Belo's first time to walk the ABS-CBN Ball red carpet, and TBH she absolutely nailed it! During her iconic debut, Scarlet gamely posed for the cameras but actually had an "Oops, I'm kinda nervous" moment when her parents, Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, walked away from her for a bit to let her have her ~solo~ moment! JUST. LOOK. AT. THAT. FACE:

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Her adorable facial expressions spurred multiple memes and tweets from fans, and all of them are hilariously relatable: 

"Yung bagsak ka pero wala kang magawa kasi kasalanan mo rin naman."

"Yung masakit pero kailangan mong tanggapin." 

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"Me after crying for nine hours."

"Yung nasasaktan ka pero wala kang karapatan."

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"Yung inaway mo siya pero 'di ka niya sinuyo."

"Sino'ng walang jowa?...Me:"

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"When you're offended but you gotta act like you're not because people might think you're weak hahahahaha Smile lang, sis!"

When you don't want anyone to know your test score: 

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Because this is your actual test score: 

Okay lang 'yan. Ginawa ka naman "good example" ng teacher mo: 

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