Scarlet Snow Teaches Vicki Belo How To Do Catriona Gray’s Lava Walk

Watch her ~flawless~ walk in pambahay clothes.

Another day, another cute Scarlet Snow Belo video: the three-year-old superstar shows mom Vicki Belo how to ~properly~ do Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s signature lava walk.

After Vicki posted her lava walk attempt in a Prada dress, Scarlet Snow blessed the internet with her version. “[Mommy] almost fell so I said I’ll teach her how to do it. And I don’t have to wear Prada. Pambahay is fine.” Giving way to her little queen, Vicki said, “Okay, fine. May nanalo na.”

Hayden Kho, Scarlet Snow’s dad, commented, “What’s this???!!! VICTORIA!!!” In response, Vicki simply sent a kissy cat emoji. LOL!

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In her earlier post, the Belo founder said, “[Catriona], ang hirap pala ng pinagdaanan mo. Buti na lang I’m the doctor of beauty and not a beauty queen.”

No word yet on what Catriona thinks of the mother-daughter showdown!

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