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Scarlett Kramer Got A Birthday Gift From Her Favorite Korean Star

Her reaction is priceless!
PHOTO: Instagram/kendraandscarlett

It's still a long way to go before Scarlett Kramer's seventh birthday, which is in November, but Scarlett has already received one of the best gifts of her life.

Yesterday, March 23, Scarlett's father, Philippine Basketball Association player Doug Kramer, posted on his Instagram account a video asking fans to help make Scarlett's birthday wish come true: to have Bobby, one of the members of the K-pop boy band iKon, to "perform or sing for her [on] her birthday." 

In the video, Scarlett can also be seen pleading for Bobby to come to her birthday [party].

The caption reads, "Attention! We need your help. Well, Scarlett needs your help! P.S. This video is already going viral on our TK FB! Keep tagging @bobbyindaeyo in his IG about Scarlett :)"

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And the strategy worked! On the same day, Bobby posted a video on his Instagram stories, and tagged @chekakramer, the Instagram account of Scarlett's mom, Chesca Garcia Kramer. In the video, Bobby sang for a while and wished Scarlett a happy birthday. It also had the words, "HBD Scarlett!"

Scarlett was, of course, ecstatic. In Doug's next video post, Scarlett and her siblings Kendra and Gavin happily thanked Bobby for the gesture. A beaming Scarlett was gushing, "Oh my gosh. Thank you for the message, Bobby. It's not my birthday [yet] but it's going to be my best birthday ever, even if it's in advance."

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